Privacy Policy

We collect info that helps us be a great company, we share it when we find it safe and helpful to you, and we promise to do what any business realistically can to protect your data.

Personal information and cookies

Putt Boss collects data you offer as you visit our website, sign up for emails, and place orders. We use the traditional feature known as cookies to store and organize information about your entire experience on our site. For example, we learn how much time you spend on a page, where on the page you pause, and when you move products to your cart. We record this along with your Internet Protocol address, browser type, and device. By learning from you, we get tips on how to continuously improve, promote, and personalize our service.

Most computers and browsers offer privacy settings, like cookie disabling and “Do Not Track” features, if you don’t want us learning from you this way. We’ll never override your privacy settings. However, you may need to provide some personally identifying information in order to access certain parts of our site. For example, we need your address in order to ship your Putt Boss products.


If you authenticate a Putt Boss account through a third-party service (examples: Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter), we may store associated data, such as your followers list. We’ll never publish anything through your accounts without your permission.

Information Disclosure

We may share relevant insights about you with our affiliated companies, subsidiaries, and like-minded business partners. We may also share information with service providers, and subcontractors who work with us for order fulfillment, marketing, partnerships, payment processing, accounting, and so on.

If we share our findings with any other third parties, it’s for one of a few reasons: (1) you provided consent; (2) they meet our data protection standards; (3) we have a good faith belief that the law requires it; (4) we have a good faith belief that doing so prevents imminent harm to you or someone else.

If we share your information as part of a legal process, we’ll notify you unless the law prohibits it or we believe it’ll endanger you or someone else. We’ll object to legal requests for information if we believe they’re improper.

Third-Party Embeds

Some content on our site may be hosted by other parties, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Spotify, or Instagram. When you interact with these so-called “embeds” on our site, you send data to those parties, just as you would by visiting their sites directly. Putt Boss doesn’t control the data collection and privacy policies of these third parties.

Data Security

We use standard encryption (HTTPS/TLS) to protect data transmitted to and from our site. No data transmission online is 100% secure, so ethically we can’t guarantee security. You’re responsible for your use of our site and taking reasonable measures to secure your data.

Business Transfers

If we’re involved in a merger, acquisition, bankruptcy, reorganization, or sale of assets such that your information would be transferred to a different privacy policy, we’ll notify you in advance.


We’ll sometimes send you emails about orders, service changes, or new policies. With some of these essential emails, you can’t opt out. But for non-administrative emails, like newsletters and offers, you can change your notifications settings. We’ll never send you an email that asks for your password or financial information. If you receive such a request, forward it to so we can protect you and our entire community.

Policy Changes

We may occasionally update our policy. If we make significant changes, then we’ll notify you. We promise to keep the most current version of the policy here and to maintain an archive of previous versions.


We welcome feedback about this policy at