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To optimize your experience on this website, we place small data files called cookies on your device. The policy below explains cookies and how to control their purpose when you visit this site.

What’s a cookie?

Cookies are text files that a website saves on your device when you visit a website. Then cookies are sent back to the website you browsed, or even to another website, to keep a record of how you use the site. Cookies on this site may be delivered by the Putt Boss website or by third-party sites.

Cookies help us enhance your experience when using the website. By learning what pages you like to visit, or which pages you seem to find uninteresting, we can continuously improve, promote, and personalize our service.

Cookies Used on

Essential Cookies

Some cookies are non-negotiable if you want to use the website as it’s intended. These essential cookies allow you to create a profile, make a purchase, and enter secured areas of this website. These cookies don’t gather information for marketing purposes and don’t record your other activity on the internet. Essential cookies can’t be disabled.

Analytics Cookies

These cookies collect info about how you use this site so that we have insights to improve the site. We anonymize IP addresses, and the anonymized data is transmitted to and stored by on servers in the United States. Only when required by law would our third-party analytics partners share these records with additional parties.

Marketing Cookies

These cookies are deployed when you engage with our marketing materials, like marketing emails and ads. These cookies record your name, your preferred pages to visit on this site, your history of looking at this site, your purchase history, and more to that effect. We use this info to market our site and services as effectively as possible, so we can be always helpful and never annoying. We sincerely appreciate you letting us learn and improve this way.